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A Course In In-memory Data Management

RRP $271.99

Recent achievements in hardware and software development, such as multi-core CPUs and DRAM capacities of multiple terabytes per server, enabled the introduction of a revolutionary technology: in-memory data management. This technology supports the flexible and extremely fast analysis of massive amounts of enterprise data. Professor Hasso Plattner and his research group at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, have been investigating and teaching the corresponding concepts and their adoption in the software industry for years.

This book is based on an online course that was first launched in autumn 2012 with more than 13,000 enrolled students and marked the successful starting point of the openHPI e-learning platform. The course is mainly designed for students of computer science, software engineering, and IT related subjects, but addresses business experts, software developers, technology experts, and IT analysts alike. Plattner and his group focus on exploring the inner mechanics of a column-oriented dictionary-encoded in-memory database. Covered topics include - amongst others - physical data storage and access, basic database operators, compression mechanisms, and parallel join algorithms. Beyond that, implications for future enterprise applications and their development are discussed. Step by step, readers will understand the radical differences and advantages of the new technology over traditional row-oriented, disk-based databases.

In this completely revised 2nd edition, we incorporate the feedback of thousands of course participants on openHPI and take into account latest advancements in hard- and software. Improved figures, explanations, and examples further ease the understanding of the concepts presented. We introduce advanced data management techniques such as transparent aggregate caches and provide new showcases that demonstrate the potential of in-memory databases for two diverse industries: retail and life sciences.

Memory As A Programming Concept In C And C++

RRP $428.99

The overwhelming majority of bugs and crashes in computer programming stem from problems of memory access, allocation, or deallocation. Such memory related errors are also notoriously difficult to debug. Yet the role that memory plays in C and C++ programming is a subject often overlooked in courses and in books because it requires specialised knowledge of operating systems, compilers, computer architecture in addition to a familiarity with the languages themselves. Most professional programmers learn entirely through experience of the trouble it causes. This 2004 book provides students and professional programmers with a concise yet comprehensive view of the role memory plays in all aspects of programming and program behaviour. Assuming only a basic familiarity with C or C++, the author describes the techniques, methods, and tools available to deal with the problems related to memory and its effective use.

Cache And Memory Hierarchy Design

RRP $329.99

An authoritative book for hardware and software designers. Caches are by far the simplest and most effective mechanism for improving computer performance. This innovative book exposes the characteristics of performance-optimal single and multi-level cache hierarchies by approaching the cache design process through the novel perspective of minimizing execution times. It presents useful data on the relative performance of a wide spectrum of machines and offers empirical and analytical evaluations of the underlying phenomena. This book will help computer professionals appreciate the impact of caches and enable designers to maximize performance given particular implementation constraints.

A Programmer's View Of Computer Architecture

RRP $274.95

This introductory text offers a contemporary treatment of computer architecture using assembly and machine language with a focus on software. Students learn how computers work through a clear, generic presentation of a computer architecture, a departure from the traditional focus on a specific architecture. A computer's capabilities are introduced within the context of software, reinforcing the software focus of the text. Designed for computer science majors in an assembly language course, this text uses a top-down approach to the material that enables students to begin programming immediately and to understand the assembly language, the interface between hardware and software. The text includes examples from the MIPS RISC (reduced instruction set computer) architecture, and an accompanying software simulator package simulates a MIPS RISC processor (the software does not require a MIPS processor to run).

A Memory Of Violence

RRP $18.99

After an atomic detonation renders almost the whole of the Middle East a barren wasteland, world leaders decide to pursue peace. The atrocity moves the governments of the world to abandon their weapons of mass destruction and it isn't long before the people of Earth start to focus their energies on projects that will ultimately prove beneficial to the species as a whole. Before this era of peace can be realized however, the resistant, violent members of society must choose: Embrace peace or leave Earth forever. Those who try and stay behind and live violently on Earth are forcibly exiled to space... 300 years pass, and mankind has made great strides in technology. War on Earth is unknown, and even conflict between individuals becomes rare. Mankind has outgrown its need for violence, and the people of Earth have entered into a new, enlightened age. A renaissance with no need for guns or war. What the Earthlings couldn't have anticipated was that they might someday encounter a threat from beyond their world. When a major city is devastated by an alien force from the galaxy's edge, the planet's population finds itself at the mercy of a new and insidious foe. Bereft of weapons and military forces, the Earthlings cannot defend themselves. World peace ain't all it's cracked up to be. The Earthlings have one hope however, and it lies with the star-flung descendents of those exiled to cold space centuries prior. The culture of the nomadic space-farers retains the traditions of human violence. Living in space, relegated to the periphery of human affairs, the space-born have weathered the demands of space over generations and used their resources to develop powerful weapons. The exiled are called upon to save Earth from the alien menace. The space-born are not an organized unit-- like pirates spread out across a vast sea of stars, they are fragmented and tribal. Some among them would meet news of Earth's invasion with indifference, others with glee. When Earth comes calling, only one man heeds the call. His name is Faust, and his command is the Battlecruiser Methuselah.


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